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On this page you can locate old exam papers with the corresponding auxiliary sheets. In some cases the numeric values of the solutions are also provided. These values are based on generic methods of solution and depend on the rounding of the intermediary results!

370.002 Power supply

From January 2015 the exam for the LVA will only be offered as a written exam. For this reason the written exam will no longer consist of 4 calculation exercises with 5 questions about safety rules. The exam will consist of 3 calculation exercises, 5 questions about safety rules as well as a section consisting of comprehension questions (on a points scale like an arithmetic exercise).

The compulsory oral exam after the successful completion of the written exam is not applicable to the candidates who successfully complete the new written exam. Students who have successfully completed the written exam by December 2014 in the way it has been, must furthermore within 3 years of a positively completed written exam sit a compulsory oral exam.  Along with the already given exam dates in TISS dates for the oral exam can be organised individually via email at

Please note a FAQ document for the lecture Energy Supply is available which will provide answers for a wide range of questions. Furthermore these FAQs will sporadically be completed:

370.026 Power Plants

370.028 Energieübertragung und Hochspannungstechnik 

 373.013 Energieübertragung und Kraftwerke

370.007 Fachvertiefung Energiesysteme

The tests are open book ones and so all documents may be used.