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Visit to the unique model region Salzburg

Excursion as a part of the course 370.034  "Seminar Smart Grids" and 370.046 "Control Centre: Theory and Praxis"

As part of courses 370.034 "Seminar Smart Grids"and 370.046 "Control Centre: Theory and Praxis", a visit of Salzburg Netz GmbH, distribution control center for Salzburg area, and Smart Grid model municipality Köstendorf was organized on January 18th 2016.

Students met the experts of the Salzburg Netz, the DSO of Salzburg, who offered a detailed and interesting information about the daily processes in the control centre. A warm atmosphere was created and many questions explained about the distribution grid operational planning, real-time grid operational control, etc.. After that, accompanied by Salzburg Netz colleagues, the trip drove to Smart Grid model municipality Köstendorf. There was waiting for us the mayor, who informed about the smart grid project in the municipality. Subsequently Salzburg Netz specialists presented a detailed information about the development of smart grid projects in model region Salzburg. Finally, we all walk together along the energy path. By now eight stations along the 1.3 kilometers path around the center, have been declared smart grids and their meanings for the "Energiewende".

The visit was scientifically and pedagogically a precious experience.

Reporter: Albana Ilo

Photo: Davor Frkat