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Bachelor Programme "Electrical Engineering and Information Technology"

Master Programme "Energy Systems and Automation Technology"

Attention! Please be aware of the transitional regulations of the new master study plans for 2013! It is the intention of our research group to offer the summarised courses again, this is however subject to conditions.

Mandatory Courses

*) For the MA 066 435 "Energietechnik" inscribed students will be transferred through an extra exam "370.024 Labor Energieversorung" which is equivalent to "373.019 Labor Energieversorgung" and an appropriate grade given. In advance of this the LVA "370.024 Labor Energieversorung" must be successfully completed. More information will be made available about this at the initial meeting of the laboratory tutorial.

 Elective Module - Power Supply

 Elective Module - Smart Grids