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Bachelor theses

Guidance on writing a BA thesis: 

  1. Selection of a topic (see below), get in touch with the appropriate person.
  2. Consultation and clarification of research question(s).
  3. Independent execution of the BA thesis.
  4. To conclude the thesis the results of it will be presented at a seminar. Dates for this will be made available as required. 

Choice of available topics:

Please consult TISS (link) for the newest thesis topics and search for the advisor of your choise.

Most of the presented topics are in German, but can also be worked on in English! Just contact us!

For further examples of bachelor theses please contact members of our research group.

Topics already assigned:

These topics cuurently being worked on should provide you with a general view of the areas in which the BA theses of our research group extend.

If you have your own interests, or rather an idea for a BA thesis which you would like to work on and which fits in with our focus topics don’t hesitate to contact us or speak to one of us personally about this!

Completed BA Theses (Selection)

Listed below is an example of a very good BA thesis which was completed by a member of our research group: