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RestoreGrid4RES - Strategien und Operator-Tools für den Netzwiederaufbau bei hohem Anteil erneuerbarer Erzeuger

"The massive installation of renewable energy sources will change today’s grid restoration strategies significantly."

Project background

The growing contribution of renewable energies and the liberalized energy market result in higher system stresses in terms of increasing system loadings and fluctuations.

Combined with a delay of grid enhancements this results in an increasing risk of wide-area blackouts and a threat for successful grid restoration.

Project summary

RestoreGrid4RES investigates new grid restoration strate-gies to ensure a fast, coordinated and stable system restoration.

In particular, RestoreGrid4RES gives recommendations whether and how renewable generators shall contribute to the restoration and which technical requirements must be met observing the fact that the vast majority is connected to the distribution systems without direct control by the transmission system operators.

To support grid operators during this difficult procedure, a demonstration tool is developed which shall guide the operators through the restoration process and give helpful information about possible next steps and their consequences.

Main objectives

  • Analysing the impact of renewable generation and new loads such as heat pumps and electric vehicles on grid restoration after a blackout.

  • Developing strategies for grid restoration taking into account growing renewable generation.

  • Prototyping supporting tools for system operators during the grid restoration process.

Main results

  • A summary of the legal framework and technical requirements during grid restoration on the basis of the ENTSO-E network codes.

  • Steady state models of renewable generation, loads and storage facilities for restoration process studies.

  • Description of future restoration strategies and their differentiation from today’s strategies.

  • Specification of awareness and decision support tools for grid restoration.

  • A set of useful indicators and indices to guide the system restoration process.

  • Recommendations and a roadmap for migration towards the proposed system restoration plan.
  • Recommendations for a supporting tool for grid operators.

Project members

Project coordinator

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Project duration

From 01.05.2017 till 30.04.2020

Project funding

This project has received funding in the framework of the joint programming initiative ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus. The initiative has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 646039.