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Green Storage Grid


Renewable Energy, Energy Storage and Energy Distribution (grids) are some of the most important and strongly growing markets of the next decades and hence also key topics for research and development. Already today, it is a challenge to operate energy grids. Rising shares of renewable energy will enhance the challenge to an extent which makes new solutions and investments indispensable. The project GreenStorageGrid (GSG) takes an integral and holistic approach across all energy generation and distribution systems. The project is composed of individual projects in the fields of energy storage and distribution. The highly interdisciplinary consortium will form a suitable framework for this work. The innovation potential of GSG is based on the interface and interaction between hydraulic storage, thermo-chemical storage and grids as the connecting element. The project organization is open to take in additional projects for chemical and electrochemical storage. The project team will focus on the essential elements of a future energy system, through an appropriate combination of industrial research activities (experimental work, modeling, product development). The main task of GSG lies in modeling, simulation and optimization of technology towards a carbon-free energy economy. The project brings together some key players of the Austrian energy industry and research institutions. The participating project partners have already participated in various individual projects in the field of energy research. By bringing together this huge know how and capacity in a clearly focused common objective, GSG will create a lot of synergy in an allembracing project.

Our research group is involved in Area 2 of the project, which has two subprojects.

Area 2 "Grids and Overall Optimization"

Area 2 “Grids and overall optimization” covers the research of how to integrate the available and new storage technologies into an optimized grid with an adapted structure and new features for control of the overall system. Due to the fact that renewable generation in many cases cannot be fully controlled but only forecasted to a certain extent, the paradigm "generation follows load" will have to be replaced by "storage balances generation and load mismatch".

The objectives of Area 2 „Grid and overall optimization“ are:

  • Investigation of hydro-mechanical systems of hydraulic storage into the electrical grid, especially considering the coupling aspects of electrical and mechanical/ hydraulic transients in pump turbines under dynamic conditions and
  • Fostering the synergies of new technologies developed in the projects of other areas in order to create a sustainable structure and strategies for operation of a truly universal energy system.

2.1 PSP-Grid-N 

The objective of this project is to investigate the integration of hydro-mechanical systems into the electrical grid, especially considering the coupling aspects of electrical and mechanical/hydraulic transients in pump turbines.

2.2 StrukDRESS

Sustainable energy systems with renewable energy sources require energy storage due to the fact that generation and consumption cannot be controlled sufficiently any more in order to balance load and supply and thus the system frequency. Moreover, widespread availability of decentralized storage facilities and the increased combination of different forms of energy and fuels (electric energy, water, heat, gas) required new structures and concepts for decentralized renewable energy systems.

The objective of this project is to foster the synergies of the new technologies developed in the other projects, in order to create a sustainable structure and strategies for operation of a truly universal energy system including increased storage facilities on all levels.

Project Members (of Area 2)

Project Coordination:

  • Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Energy Systems and Thermodynamics

Project Lead of Area 2:

  • Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Energy Systems and Electrical Drives

Project Partners of Area 2:

  • Andritz Hydro
  • Verbund Hydro Power
  • VOITH Hydro
  • ZT Hirtenlehner
  • SVAI
  • EVN
  • Strabag Energy Technologies
  • Enrag GmbH
  • Zementwerk Hatschek GmbH


Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Maier

Duration / Funding

Von 06/2013 bis 05/2017

Das K-Projekt GSG-GreenStorageGrid wird im Rahmen von COMET – Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies durch das BMVIT, das BMWFW, die Wirtschaftsagentur Wien, durch das Land NÖ und durch das Forschungsressort des Landes Oberösterreich im Wege des Amtes der Oö Landesregierung - Abteilung Wirtschaft gefördert. Das Programm COMET wird durch die FFG abgewickelt.