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Exploratory Project ‚‚E-Taxis for Vienna‘‘ Phase 1


In the research project "W-eTaxi" funded by climate and energy funds the general conditions under which a cross section of Viennese taxi drivers will operate using electric vehicles will be investigated. In the process a selection of important questions concerning legal, organisational, technical and economic areas will be addressed.

The aim of the first phase (running from March until October 2014) will be working on a permanent business model for e-taxi drivers as well as for those involved in the establishment of charging stations. Only under this requirement a practical implementation from 2015 would be possible, which would fall under the context of phase 2 in line with the associated funding from the climate and energy funds.  

The lead manager is the Neue Urbane Mobilität Wien GmbH an operator of the Wiener Stadtwerke. Project partners are Wiener Stadtwerke AG, Wien Energie, Wirtschaftskammer Wien - Fachgruppe Taxi Mietwagen, Taxi 31300, TU Wien, AIT and tbw research.  Affiliated through LOC are die Stadt Wien, Wiener Netze - Stromnetz / Netzmanagement, Taxi 40100/60160, Austrosoft, SMILE and die Wiener Modellregion.

Project Members

Cooperating Partners


Dipl.-Ing. Markus LITZLBAUER

Dipl.-Ing. Dominik FASTHUBER


From 03/2014 till 10/2014

This accompanying research was funded through a subcontract of the "Klima- und Energiefonds" and carried out in the context of the programme "E-Mobilität für alle: Urbane Elektromobilität, Phase 1".

This project is releated to the following research topic: ELECTROMOBILITY