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SYMBIOSE - Optimal decentralized system-spanning hybrid storages


In order to massively integrate distributed generation units into the existing energy system decentralized electrical energy storages of varying type (electrochemical, chemical, thermal, unconventional) are a key factor. 

The development of new potentials for distributed energy storages by decentralized coupling of existing parallel infrastructures (electrical power system, gas and thermal networks) is the basic idea of the project. For representative pilot regions optimal positions and dimensions of hybrid storage systems are identified and their consequences on the grid operation are analysed. The achievable improvements (e.g. reduction of CO2 emissions, less import dependencies on fossil fuels, etc.) through an area-wide application of the presented approach will be extrapolated on the basis of the regional results.

To counter the challenges of energy storage, the decentralized coupling of existing, parallel infrastructure (electrical, gas and thermal networks) has to be analysed in detail. Only the symbioses of various technologies enable a sustainable and secure energy supply.

Project Objective

The objectives of the projects are, to prove

  • that by integrating decentralized energy storages of various technologies (electrical, thermal, gas or unconventional) and at different locations the share of renewable energy in electrical distribution system can be raised massively.
  • which potentials of decentralized energy storages can be gained by coupling of existing infrastructures (electrical power system, gas and thermal networks).
  • the consequences on the grid operation caused by decentralized storages.
  • which control techniques need to be implemented to guarantee a secure operation of hybrid storage systems and grids.
  • the potentials for reducing CO2 emissions, import dependencies, etc. for Austria by using the model-based results area-wide.

Final Report

TU Wien, ESEA/EA (Hrsg.): SYMBIOSE - Systemübergreifende optimale dezentrale Hybridspeicher, approbierter Endbericht zum Forschungsprojekt im Rahmen der 5. AS Neue Energien 2020, Projektnummer: 834635 KLIEN, Wien 2014


Project Members

Project Lead:

Project Partners:

  • TU Wien, Institute for Energy Systems and Thermodynamics
  • ENRAG GmbH
  • Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG



From 04/2012 till 06/2014

This project is funded by the "Klima- und Energiefonds" and is conducted within the research programme "NEUE ENERGIEN 2020".