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QS InfraPlan E-mobile - Qualification Seminar „ Future Solutions of Infrastructure Planning for Electromobilty“


Due to the topicality of the electromobility topic there is a growing interest in electromobility concepts and in the planning of charging infrastructures on the market.  With participation from the planning sector specialist knoweldge is readily available. However, future solutions of infrastructure planning with regard to the electrotechnical knowledge of electric vehicles, battery and charging technologies are necessary.

These themes are currently hot topics of research. Related special knowledge and estimations of future developments are primarily available at research facilities. This knowledge will be accessable for planning companies with the help of the qualification seminar „InfraPlan e-mobil“.

Project Aims

The project is accompanied by an intensive preparation phase in which the seminar participants will already be confronted with the topic.

This on the one hand encourages the exchange between the scientific partners and companies and will enable a tailor made layout of the des Seminar and on the other hand provides- together with the post-processing and success control- for sustainable knowledge transfer.  The following individual aims will be followed during the process: 

  • The conceptualisation of the content of the qualification seminar will be tailormade and adapted with the contribution of the academic staff and seminar participants.  
  • The individual seminar participants are required to indivually prepare for the qualification seminar (electrotechnical basics, collection of questions and problems concerning the planning reality, research of ongoing development in electromobility...)
  • During the execution of the qualification seminar various methods will be applied (lectures, workshops, excursions).
  • The seminar participants will be equiped with sound knowledge of electromobility, in order to plan sustainable infrastructure for electromobility (especially charging infrastructure).
  • The project will be carried out and documented efficiently with a careful consideration of the timetable. 

Project Members

Project Leader:

  • im-plan-tat Raumplanungs GmbH & Co KG [IPT]

Project Partners:

  • Technische Universität Wien - Institut für Energiesysteme und elektrische Antriebe [TUW-ESEA]
  • Energy Changes Projektentwicklung GmbH [EC]
  • Spectra Today GmbH [SpT]


Dipl.-Ing. Markus LITZLBAUER
Dipl.-Ing. Domink FASTHUBER


From 10/2014 until 03/2015 - This project will be funded by the BMWFW in the context Förderungsschwerpunkts "Forschungskompetenzen für die Wirtschaft" (2. Ausschreibung Qualifizierungsseminare).