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This project considers the new mobility behavior induced by electric vehicles and their frequent need to recharge the batteries. We propose a cooperative solution approach in which a centralized broker mediates between the moving electric vehicles (EVs) requesting service and the recharging stations offering recharge capacity. The broker finds the best match for each user and balances the service load and the electric grid load between recharging stations.

Project Objectives

The basic idea is to have a centralized broker that brings together EVs requesting recharging energy, and recharging stations that have free recharging capacity (energy, parking places, etc.). There are however several research questions to be answered: what is best allocation function both for users (subject to user preferences, location, energy price, time availability), and for infrastructure (as function of balancing work load and grid load, available parking/recharge lots)? What is the quantitative efficiency gain in using the brokerage function? Knowing the mobility behaviour of user groups, how to determine the spatial and temporal distribution of recharge requests and use this model to plan the recharge infrastructure? And finally, how can the recharge “assistant” become aware of the driver context and intentions, so that the user experience is improved?


Project Members

Project Lead:

Project Partners:

  • Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Energy Systems and Electrical Drives
  • illwerke vkw
  • Herry Consult GmbH
  • Wiener Stadtwerke BMG GmbH


From 03/2010 till 04/2012

This project is funded by the bmvit and is conducted within the research programme „ways2go - 2. Ausschreibung“.

This project is related to the following research topic: ELECTROMOBILITY