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Visit to the unique model region Salzburg

Excursion as a part of the course 370.034  „Seminar Smart Grids“ and 370.046 “Control Centre: Theory and Praxis”


As part of courses 370.034 „Seminar Smart Grids“and 370.046 “Control Centre: Theory and Praxis”, a visit of Salzburg Netz GmbH, distribution control center for Salzburg area, and Smart Grid model municipality Köstendorf was organized on January 18th 2016. more...


Workshop: „Smart Grids Concepts and Architectures“

Workshop as a part of the course “Smart Grid Seminar”

As part of the course 370.034  Smart Grid Seminar the workshop "Smart grid concepts and architectures" has taken place on December, 14th 2015 at the Technical University of Vienna. Students created three groups on the topics:

  • Virtual Power Plants
  • Microgrids
  • LINK-Paradigm

and discussed about their features and the architectures derived from them. Basis of the discussion where the state-of-the-art papers that each student had investigated and presented in a poster during the seminar.

The workshop was scientifically and pedagogically a precious experience. more...

Reporter: Albana Ilo

Photo: Davor Frkat


Research Group Power Systems at the European Utility Week

The European Utility Week is the annual conference of the energy sector, where have come more than 10,000 industry participants from around the world. This year it was from November 3 to 5 for the first time in Vienna, with the prominent participation of TU Wien.

 Our group was represented in the booth B.M09 with the exhibit:

 LINK – Secure operation of power systems combined with customer plants (Dr. Albana Ilo, Institute of Energy Systems and Electrical Drives, Power systems)  more...


IEWT - special contribution of students to the topic "Smart grid challenges from high to low voltage grid"

Students of the master program "Power Engineering and Automation" have presented the special contribution "Smart Grid Challenges from High to Low Voltage Grid" in the 9th International Conference in Energy Industry, Session 5C, on 02.14.2015. The paper was prepared as part of the course 370.034 "Smart Grid Seminar" in which were investigated more than 60 scientific publications. more


Smart Grids Seminar: Meeting with a reputable Smart Grid expert

As part of the course Smart Grid Seminar the workshop "Smart grid challenges from high to low voltage network" has taken place on January, 12 2015 at the Technical University of Vienna. Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Walter Schaffer, Head of Electrical Grids, Salzburg Netz GmbH, was invited as a guest lecturer.

During the seminar, the students had investigated about 60 scientific papers on the following Topics: more